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The content is divided into the following topics:

  1. General
  2. Products and product prices
  3. Ordering and contract
  4. Payment and payment methods
  5. Order, payment and shipping confirmation
  6. Delivery methods and delivery costs
  7. Delivery time
  8. Transmission check, error and problem situations
  9. Exchange and return conditions
  10. Disagreements
  11. Personal information

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1. General

ETKO Brewing Oy, Business ID FI27842275, Sahaajankatu 20 D, 3rd Floor, Helsinki, Finland. sells alcoholic beverages and branded merchandise to individuals and companies within the EU area.

Only the people over the legal drinking age in their home country in the EU area can shop from the ETKO Brewing Web Shop. The person ordering and receiving the webshop order has to be the same person and above the legal drinking age.

No alcohol Delivery to Finland, only pick-up from the ETKO Brewing brewery in Helsinki.

ETKO Brewing Web Shop does not deliver beers or Merchandise outside Finland during year 2022.

These delivery terms are suitable for ordering products in our Web Shop and for similar deliveries. These delivery terms are valid from September 1, 2022. We may change the delivery terms unilaterally from time to time, so please read our delivery terms in advance each time you order products from our online store.

In all its activities, the ETKO Brewing Web Shop complies with general regulations and recommendations related to consumer trade, advertising and marketing. Corporate customers are subject to the general terms and conditions of sale related to business-to-business transactions.

ETKO Brewing Web Shop delivers products only to Finland during year 2022. No alcohol Delivery to Finland, only pick-up from The ETKO Brewing Brewery in Helsinki during opening hours.

By accepting the order, payment and delivery terms of the ETKO Brewing Web Shop, the customer accepts ETKO Brewing Web Shop can send the customer e-mails or text messages in matters related to the order.

2. Products and product prices

The features, prices and availability of ETKO Brewing Web Shop products are presented on the product page of each product. All product prices are in euro (€).
We reserve the right to change prices and delivery costs, so please check the prices of the products in the shopping cart before accepting the order.

Products’ prices include VAT as shown in the shopping cart and order confirmation.

3. Ordering and contract

ETKO Brewing Products can only be ordered from our Web Shop through the Web Shop shopping cart and its payment methods. Products are ordered from ETKO Brewing Web Shop by transferring them to the shopping cart and confirming the order and paying for the contents of the Shopping Cart in the payment service.

When ordering from our Web Shop, you are required to be familiar with and committed to our current delivery terms and assure you are legally allowed to buy alcohol in your country.

You understand that you accept, and your confirmed order is, except as mentioned later right of withdrawal, binding and gives rise to these terms of a delivery agreement between us.

4. Payment and payment methods

ETKO Brewing web shop uses Paytrail & Paypal  as a payment intermediary.  You will identify yourself in the service and you can choose from payment methods available in our web shop.

Paytrail Oyj is a collecting payment service provider and an authorized Payment Institution working in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant. For complaints, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Oyj
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830
Business ID 2122839-7

If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact ETKO Brewing customer service via email at
We currently accept the most commonly used credit and debit cards as payment methods.

5. Order, payment and shipping confirmation

After confirming and paying your order, you will receive an order confirmation email from ETKO Brewing. In this email, we will confirm your order and the estimated delivery time/Pick-up time for your order. No alcohol Delivery to Finland, only pick-up from The ETKO Brewing Brewery in Helsinki during opening hours.

Additionally, you will receive a payment confirmation email from our payment intermediary.

When your (Merchandise) order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. This email contains your order tracking link, through which you can follow the progress of your order.

6. Delivery methods and delivery costs

Deliveries in Finland includes only Merchandise. We cannot provide any alcohol delivery in Finland, only pick-up from the Brewery located at ETKO Brewing Oy, Sahaajankatu 20 D 3rd Floor, Helsinki Finland

We deliver your order by the delivery methods stated in our online store, that you choose when you are finalizing your order.
ETKO Brewing Web Shop currently ships only to Finland. Other delivery countries within the EU are coming soon.
A delivery fee is charged with your order and the price for shipping is displayed with the shipping method in the shopping cart. Delivery costs may vary depending on order size, chosen delivery method and delivery country. However, there might be free shipping costs in different delivery countries within the EU, for example as a special campaign offer or when a customer order exceeds a certain order amount in euro. These will be informed in ETKO Brewing Web Shop.
Delivery costs (costs are subject to change)

*Valid until otherwise informed. Free shipping order amount may vary by country, time period or campaign. **When the order amount is over 120 €, home delivery is offered at a discounted price. ***Matkahuolto Homedelivery service.
You can track your order with a tracking ID, that is sent to you with the Delivery Confirmation email when your order is ready waiting for delivery carrier pickup from ETKO Brewing Web shop.

In case the order is not picked up by the customer within the pick-up time period informed by the delivery carrier, the order will be returned to the sender.
Delivery costs and an additional processing fee will be charged from unredeemed orders that are returned to the sender (for more information, see Return policy). You can see the delivery costs for your order in your shopping cart before accepting the order.

7. Delivery time

Our general delivery times within Finland, depending on the order and delivery method, are 3-7 business days. On sparsely populated areas, home delivery times are a bit longer, approximately 5-8 business days.

Orders made before 11 am on weekdays will be collected during the same day and shipped in approximately 2-3 business days from our warehouse.

ETKO Brewing Web shop warehouse:
ETKO Brewing Oy, Business ID FI27842275, Sahaajankatu 20 D, 3rd Floor, Helsinki, Finland

ETKO Brewing Web shop, nor its shipping carriers, are not responsible for delays caused by any outside factors or delays or indirect harm caused by the delays that are caused by force majeure situations. The seller, ETKO Brewing Web shop, is not responsible for reimbursing shipping costs, product prices or lowering order costs due to possible delays in delivery time.

8. Transmission check, error and problem situations

Please check your order as soon as you receive it. In case of any defects during transportation or if some of the ordered products are missing or it otherwise does not match your order, please inform our customer service via email ( as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of pick-up. We will come back to you as soon as possible to agree on steps to reimburse or replace your faulty order.

If the package has been damaged during transportation, please make a reclamation to our customer service ( immediately and no later than 7 days after receiving the package. We are obliged to follow compulsory consumer trade regulations in cases of damaged or faulty orders.

9. Exchange and return conditions

Alcoholic products or other beverages purchased from ETKO Brewing Web Shop are not reclaimable. However, order cancellation is possible before it will be processed and forwarded to collection in our warehouse. New orders, that have been placed during the past day, are processed on weekdays at 11 am, after which orders cannot be cancelled. Please contact ETKO Brewing Web shop customer service ( immediately after placing the order to cancel it.

Customers have the right to return or exchange utility goods (for example merchandise) ordered and shipped from ETKO Brewing Web Shop, in accordance with the customer’s home country consumer protection act within the EU. The right to return only applies to utility products that are unused and in their original packaging. The right to return does not include gift cards.

If you wish to return utility products, contact ETKO Brewing Web Shop customer service via email ( within 14 days of receiving your order. Attach your order number and reasons for returning.

Please note that ETKO Brewing Web Shop will not return the normal shipping costs of your order, should you return parts or the entire order.
Failure to pick up or receive a shipment is not a sufficient way to report a return, nor is returning without a separate cancellation notice to ETKO Brewing Web Shop customer service. For orders that have not been picked up and therefore returned to us, we withhold the right to claim the processing costs from the customer.

Once you have notified the return of the order for the delivered utility product by email, and we have processed your request, we will send you a printable return delivery address note to be attached to your return. Also, include a copy of your order confirmation and your contact details (if not clearly stated in the order confirmation) with the return. Take your returned order to your nearest return point.

We will reimburse your order within 30 days of receiving your return, either to your bank account or to the payment card you have used at checkout.

10. Disagreements

You have the right to submit disputes and disagreements arising from these general delivery terms to the officials responsible for the consumer protection act issues of the EU country in question.

11. Personal information

The ETKO Brewing Web Shop treats all customer information in the strictest confidence. You can read more about the collection and processing of personal data in our Privacy Policy.

The information will only be used internally through ETKO Brewing Web Shop and will not be disclosed to third parties other than carriers and payment service companies to whom the provision of address and telephone number information is necessary for successful delivery and payment.

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