We’re here to inspire people with our craft beers and with everything we do.

Founded in late 2017, ETKO Brewing was made of humble love for simple, yet enjoyable beer that makes you want to have another one. By “humble” we mean “brewing beer in a bathroom in somebody’s flat” -humble – the typical story of how Finnish craft beer scene came to be by trial and error, flamed by the enthusiasm of being at the frontier of something new. Any pour could be the beginning of an adventure!

Etko hahmo hard touche

We’re here to inspire people with our craft beers and with everything we do.

Located in the industrial region of Herttoniemi in Helsinki, ETKO has grown to be known as the urban neighborhood brewery with a modern take on craft beer. We will always stay true to our joyful ethos as a craft brewery and want to share the good beer and the good vibes with the community we love.

The year 2023 will mark a huge step forward for ETKO as our brewery, shop and taproom move to Konepaja in Vallila, Helsinki. If you want to hear the hottest news and juiciest gossip about our journey first, subscribe to our newsletter! Don’t forget to also keep an eye on our social media to keep up with us.

Meet the Band

Get to know the creative individuals behind the beer you love!


Jan has a vast background in the creative field, composing new concepts and surfing the buzz of the world of experiences. As a CEO, Jan works fiercely to keep the show on the road. He’s also a frequent face at the taproom, where he loves to exchange ideas – over a beer, of course.

Sara Production

Sassy, unbothered and a tireless professional – that’s our Sara. From the very beginning, Sara’s goal has been to constantly take ETKO’s style and skillset one step further and to make sure that the brewery never seizes improving.

Miska Sales

If you’re ever in need of beer, call Miska, and he will sell you the whole lab while he’s at it. Fun and cheerful, yet straightforward, Miska gets right to the business of things.

+358 50 412 0980

Anttipekka Production

Anttipekka is the person who everybody in the production asks for the last opinion. He knows all the brewing ingredients like the backhand drive he uses to murder his opponents in tennis. If there’s a leek in the brewhouse you can find AP fixing the problem, unless he spread his ankle on the court the day before.

Jukka Production

Jukka is a standard issue hipster scum (in his own words). Jukka’s comfort space is the rough and tuff brewery work, which he finds to be the perfect setting for creativity. Working on new recipes and products keeps him shovelling malt. ”That’s when the ideas hit”. He aims for tasty, beautiful and sometimes witty.

Ipa the Shiba Brewery dog

Not quite born but certainly raised in the fumes of malt and hops, Ipa is the fluffy emotional support of our production. If you’re lucky, you might run into him at the brewery or the taproom!
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