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We like to brew craft beers, that is no news.
But what people don’t always know we also love parties and events.

Have a party at ETKO Taproom?

We love to provide you an unique place where you can have a party with your friends and colleagues.

At ETKO Taproom we can arrange small gatherings and parties for up to 20 people.
If you want to have a private party, please let us know –>

Etko hahmo hard touche
Etko hahmo dodo

Brewery Tours and Tastings at ETKO?

Would you like dig deeper and know more about the art of brewing craft beers?
A Brewery Tour and Tastings are a really great way get to know what craft beers are all about?

At ETKO Taproom we can arrange Brewery Tours and Tastings for up to 20 people. Please make a reservation –>

ETKO at your own Company Event?

We have been part of many interesting and bubbling events and parties from kick-offs to all kind of Anniversary events. It doesn’t matter where the Venue is. It can be at your place or somewhere else.

If you are an Event Agency arranging parties for you clients or if you are arranging events with your company. ETKO has delivered all sorts of turnkey projects either including services or just beer.

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